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Best beer April Fools’ pranks 2019

I love prank-spotting on April 1st and there are always some cracking beer April Fools’ Day gags thrown into the mix.

I first discovered this as a child, after spending a very long time calling the Tennent’s hotline to order my free sample of lager flavoured crisps.

I only cottoned on after hearing my parents and brother pissing themselves laughing in the next room, and I went off in a huff. But I like to think both my sense of humour and my taste in beer have improved since then.

Without further ado, here are some of my favourite beer April Fools pranks from today.

Instant beer powder

Step aside, instant coffee – enter, instant beer. In the quest to create a hassle free drinking experience, Kingfisher announced this brand new product. Just take one sachet of beer powder and one sachet of carbonation powder, add to chilled water and voila!  This innovation would see the end to lugging those pesky heavy bags home, and save on packaging waste.   I should mention that the company pulled pretty much the same stunt in 2017. But that didn’t stop Kingfisher producing a shiny new commercial in attempt to convince us this time around.

Beer at home – by drone

Looks like Amazon’s not the only company developing a drone delivery concept. Brussels Beer Project announced on Facebook it was set to pilot a new delivery method for its Beer@home service – launching with a trial in Brussels. Seeing is believing so the company unveiled this fancy CGI and urged us to pop over to to place our orders.   Brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘beer flight’…

Beer on prescription

Ever taken that first sip of beer and joked “Just what the doctor ordered”? According to UK tabloid the Daily Star it’s set to become a reality thanks to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) introducing free beer prescriptions.  Those with anaemia, insomnia or tiredness could qualify for a dose of stout, delivered not by pint glass but by intravenous drip. But if you’re eagle-eyed (and haven’t been drinking too much stout) check out the article where you’ll see that the first letter of every paragraph spells out APRIL FOOL. Oh well!

Selling out

Jumping on the beer April Fools’ Day prank bandwagon’s not everybody’s cup of tea – as was clear when Pilot Beer got in on the action. Sort of. Points for effort for this subtle act of rebellion. This made me laugh.

Tiny beer

Sometimes a little goes a long way and Michigan’s HopCat is capitalising on that with the announcement of the Growlittle. The world’s first 1.5oz beer. This dinky little bottle is hailed as an innovation in beer sampling as it can be taken anywhere from the gym to parent teacher conferences, with beer administered through a convenient dropper. Check out its promotional video and decide for yourself if size matters.

Ball pit pub

I loved this one from the Beer Shed Micropub in New Mills, England, simply because I wanted it to be true. It announced that the chain ‘Wacky Warehouse’ bought it out as part of a new micropub offering. It said visitors could expect to see changes including a ball pit, soft play area and ice cream station. I for one would LOVE to play in an adult ballpit and I’m sure a soft play area would help reduce booze-induced accidents for the clumsy. We can but dream. (Image source: Google Maps)

The Beer Shed









Have I missed any?

If you’ve spotted any great beer April Fools’ Day jokes this year which top these, let me know!


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