Deus Brut des Flandres

A divine special occasion beer


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s often accompanied by the pop of a cork as couples celebrate with a glass of fizz, but champagne’s just not my cup of tea.

It’s fine – I like it more than a glass of wine – but let’s be honest, it’s just not beer is it?

So imagine my delight to discover a wonderful ‘champagne beer’ called Deus Brut des Flandres which is everything a beer lover could want as a more enjoyable champers substitute.

Turns out this award-winning beer comes from Bosteels Brewery which makes other favourites of mine, namely Kwak and Tripel Karmeliet, so it’s no wonder it tastes good.

It comes in a beautiful champagne-esque bottle and is served in flutes so you feel like your drinking something special – and indeed you are.

Unique production process

This golden beer tastes really delicate given its 11.5 ABV and you’ve got its complex production process to thank for that.

Summer barley is used and it’s fermented using specially selected yeast before tank conditioning / 2nd fermentation. Then it’s taken to France for bottle fermentation and ageing and this is where it gets interesting.

The bottles are tilted so the yeast collects in the neck, and they’re turned periodically and gradually tilted more and more until they’re vertical. Then the necks are frozen so the yeast pops out and voi la – a beautiful beer is born.

It’s effervescent and moreish, strong but slightly sweet, maybe a little fruity – I’m not sure what flavours I detected lurking in the background…pear or vanilla maybe? I’m not great when it comes to tasting notes, but I can say that it was was deliciously distinctive without being overpowering.

Worth the money

Deus Brut des Flandre sells in the UK around the £20 mark which I think is reasonable given that it’s truly unique and you know you’re drinking something as divine as the name suggests.

If you’re looking for a beer that’s a bit different for clinking glasses with your loved one then look no further than this champagne beer. Or what the heck, drink it on your own and enjoy every sip – just be prepared to be wobbly by the end of the bottle because, like champagne, it’s deceptively strong! 

Hot tub, cold beer




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