Top five scariest beer ingredients

In my quest to learn more about beer I’ve stumbled upon some of the downright scariest beer ingredients and thought I’d share them with you. These beers are not for the faint-hearted or weak-of-stomach – here are my top five.


This one takes the prize as the strangest beer ingredient I’ve ever heard of – vagina yeast.

If you pop onto The Order of Yoni website you’ll get a bit of a chuckle when you see how it describes the experience of drinking this beer.

EL James eat your heart out – some of the descriptions read like the opening pages of a soft porn novel.

The website introduces you to the model who has, erm, donated her ingredients – complete with a few saucy photos. And the FAQ reveals there are even plans for a celebrity/supermodel batch of beer with edible gold and saffron – I can only imagine what that will cost to buy!

Personally, when I read words like “gynecological stick” and “vaginal lactobacillus bacteria” on a beer website I’ll admit it doesn’t compel me to rush out and buy.

But each to their own , and if this floats your boat and you want to know more, I can tell you it’s a sour ale, ABV 5.5% and should be served between 8 and 15 C.


I’m sure there are plenty of people who love beer, and love beards. But do you love beard in your beer?

Oregon brewmaster John Maier decided to test their compatibility by creating a brew made by yeast from his very own beard.

From Rogue Ales Brewery Company, it’s simply called Beard Beer and you get exactly what it says on the tin…or, rather, bottle.

And the brewery tries to quash any reservations you may have about drinking it by reassuring you that brewers have used wild yeasts for centuries.

If you’re game to try this 4.8ABV beer you’ll have to be based in the US, in Oregon and Washington, where it’s exclusively available.


You need balls to try this one and yes, I mean that quite literally. Because this beer from the Wynkoop Brewing Company  is made with sliced and roasted bull’s testicles.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout actually came about as a result of an April Fool’s joke in 2012 from the brewery, which posted a video on YouTube to announce their ballsy new creation. But apparently some people didn’t get the joke and actually wanted to try it…so they made it.

It’s a brown/black stout is described by Wynkoop as “meaty” and having a “savoury, umami like note”. If those aren’t flavours you usually go for, be comforted by the fact it also promises deep flavours of chocolate, espresso and (wait for it) nuts.

I’ll leave you with two other nuggets of information about this beer – it’s 7.5 ABV and 3 BPBs. Not familiar with that last acronym? It means balls per barrel.


I might have occasionally said a beer ‘tastes like shit’ when I’ve not liked it…but I didn’t mean it literally.

But thanks to Fenrir nr: 26 there really is a beer out there that earns this description…and it’s been hailed one of the strangest and most interesting beers in the world.

Apparently sheep manure smoking is an age-old way of curing foods in Iceland, so brewers Borg Brugghús in Reykjavik decided to smoke malt over a fire of “dried sheep shit” to make this unconventional brew.

This smoked IPA is 6% and any reviews I’ve read seem to be surprisingly favourable.

Believe it or not this isn’t the only brewery working with poo. Japanese brewers at Kono Kuro have also tried their hand at an elephant dung beer.


The idea of this beer will make your skin crawl if you don’t like bugs. It’s made with ants.

A bunch of beer enthusiasts in Brazil decided to pool their expertise to make an unforgettable beer for a São Paulo gastronomy fair. The group included homebrew shop owners and a somellier.

Deviating from traditional ingredients, they set about creating the 7.8% Leafcutter Ant Saison. It’s made with Pilsen malt, some roasted and rye malts, fig paste, cassava extract, Simcoe hops…and of course ants. Then there was the “dry-anting” stage where more were added a day before bottling.

Amazingly other brewers are apparently doing the same thing. I read about one guy in the US who chucked ants in after hearing bumblebees carried microorganisms that could ferment beer and trigger great flavours, so he tried his own insect variety.


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